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From 17th to 25th of May 2011 the International Ecumenical Peace Convocation organised by the World Council of Churches will take place in Kingston (Jamaica).  As the "Decade to Overcome Violence" draws to a close the results of the ten years of work and conclusions arising therefrom are to be presented at this conference.

The special importance of this invitation lies in the fact that this gathering is being prepared by women and men "from below" and by the representatives of all those religions and institutions who have been involved, world-wide with the theme of violence and how to overcome it. Organisation "from the bottom" means that the churches and religious organisations are not seen as a hierarchical system but rather as the mouthpiece of those people who are directly committed.

For 10 years the Christian churches, communities and other groups have been involved with the problem of violence. The UNO made a similar proclamation for the first 10 years of the new millenium.

The preparation for this conference offers an unique chance to arrive at the following decision:

We condemn war! In the future no person should, in the face of God and his conscience, be made answerable for the collaboration on development, trade and employment / use of modern weaponry.

Conflicts cannot be resolved by military means.

The responsible bodies, UN-Organisations, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), universities world wide, and particularly youth organisations in every country are called upon to aid  with public discussion, structural realisation and implementation of this resolution and to help convert it into political reality.



We call upon everyone to help in submitting proposals for the precise formulation and justification so that we will be finally able to achieve this world-wide resolution at this World Peace Conference in May 2011. (Contact: friedenstexte(at)web.de)

If resolutions are to be conceived at this convention they will only have an impact / consequences / ramifications on the lives of people if they have broad consent and support so that the resolutions can be rendered a reality through declarations, regulations / provisions, laws / statutes which the powerful / mighty of this Earth must uphold.

In many countries, on every continent there are people and groups of people who have been occupied for generations with the conquest of violence without the use of military means. These initiatives, thoughts and insights / knowledge must be brought together in order that an effective movement can develop.

Please translate this invitation into numerous languages and pass it on (nationally and internationally) so that many will participate. The texts which we agree upon are to be made public on the internet under: www.outlawing-of-war.net

An end must finally be put to this long agonising military history and the focus put on the  realisation that war is not the instrument to solve conflicts: We condemn war!!

The rich possibilities offered by all cultures should be used to further develope and practice solving the conflicts between individuals, peoples,groups,ethnic groups honestly, so that in this endangered world problems of survival can be resolved and repeatedly controlled. That can only happen if we abandon war.


To provide all conference delegates with sound / well-grounded material a "reader" is being prepared containing all the important scientific findings to be published under: www.krieg-aechten.net in as many languages as possible.

We ask everyone to place at our disposal any appropriate / relevant texts from your sphere of interest and which in your opinion should be included in this "reader". Of particular value are any short scientific and research results / findings or other texts of importance  which support our draft resolution.

In addition we should like to receive a short welcome address from your organisation so we will be able to compile a convincing / plausible / persuasive document to be distributed amongst the delegates for preparation of the conference in Jamaica.

All those who repeatedly threaten violence, fuel conflicts through violent means for their benefit and at the expense of others in order to achieve their goals, must be denied financial support, allegiance, obedience and the tools of their trade.

Their bloody work must be stopped !

Michael Held

Arbeits- und Koordinierungsstelle Praktische Schritte für Gerechtigkeit, Frieden und Bewahrung der Schöpfung
Simon-Haune-Str. 15, 36251 Bad Hersfeld
Tel.: 06621-620186,
E-mail: A-P-S(at)gmx.de

Many little people in many little towns and villages, who take many small steps can change the face of the world.

( an African proverb)


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